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Music was Meh. -1
Classic "Kill the sheriff" Plot -2
I enjoyed the Third Party Soldiers joining in, killing and getting killed. Expected more but, oh well.
Overall movie is good, Smoothly animated.

Keep it up, my dude.

VladClown responds:


I don't really have any words to describe this Masterpiece ^^

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Pretty good,Laughed a bit at the end
You'll improve as time goes by! :3

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Game was Released in 2010
I played it in 2012,when i passed Middle School and entered high school,i only played it for a tiny bit due to me being super excited and all.
I've also had my Mother behind me,telling me where to go and run n shiz.
It's 2015
Sometimes i still come back to this game.
It's music and Gamestyle just reminds me of when she was still here.

Yo thanks for such an Awesome Game btw ♥

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This is surely a Nice Game,Virtual Stressbox of Whatever kind.
I can design Deathtraps,Tortures and Whatever other things i want to Wish to happen to my Ex Teachers.
Never the less,it's a Flawless game,I have a Poor PC,yet i can Run it Smoothly (Even when i Overload it with Ragdolls and Blood n shiz)

Ill give it a 5/5 and actually Purchase it so that i can play Offline or when my Internet Connection Fails

Overall,Solid Graphics for a Browser Game/Ragdoll Game,a Nice Addition would be Organs or some other stuff (Haven't looked at the Full Items of the game,but the Ragdols don't like to get Butchered)
the AI is Nice too: you can treat the Ragdoll nice or Toy around with it,Save your Creations or Download others (?)

Anyways,That's all by me,a Solid Stressbox Game that's Amazing!!

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I first played this game when i was 8 and first joined newgrounds.
Brings a tear to my eye to replay such old games

It appears that Part 2 will be Released guys
As Soon as Half Life 3 Comes out,that is.

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As usual,you make awesome music,keep on the good work :D

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Satan's Theme :o
I love this so much.

Sounds like taking LSD (The good way :D)

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You know, Even as having a little bit of a cameo, I really love that you put Kata in and gave him a lil eye glow and what not. Thank you for having my dude in this, It means a lot ;-;
Now to get on the actual review:
As usual, I love your style. It's a very colorful picture as well, plus it's very heartwarming to see friends and foes having a good time as a Family. The halo on the tree is a very nice touch!

Cymbourine responds:

THANKS !! <3

Amazing colors. Well put together and such. The reflection also. This is some Grade A art.

Gibb50 responds:

Thanks bro

Minimalist and nice. I love the colours and the Character.

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My name is Katavasis. I do Madness Stuff in 3D Programs. I've got a thing for Madness since 2007.

19, Male

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Ionian University

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