Be Wary

2017-12-16 14:30:23 by Descension

The fact we made them does not mean we control them.



He Comes.

2017-06-12 14:43:31 by Descension




Happy Late New Year?...

2017-03-10 00:39:32 by Descension

Been a long while fellas. or anyone who's reading this, actually.

I've been here a long time. Passion for Madness ever since 2008 and such.
My try on Animating kind of. Failed miserably so, I've not touched flash ever since April 2016, But i still wanted to do other sort of stuff.

However, Who is to say i can't try to do other things?


Big thanks to Seancglover, for all the Emotional support ε;

Regarding Madness Day 2016

2016-07-12 07:55:47 by Descension

Been a while since my last update.

Animation tests going good,but it's mostly art these days.
I'm at least going to participate in something Madness related this Madness day.

Presenting to you; Descension and Kelzad~! (Removed, due to Kelzad causing a few Problems.)
Art was done by Nix Sonota, Whom respectively took it down from here upon my Request.

Second of all; Project Nexus 2 looks good.
At least to me, it is. Considering the fact i kinda have it for 6 Days. (And i still haven't finished it)
Many thanks to the Swain and Sean for helping me out with the Keys and all.

Last but not least,Here are a few links to follow me elsewere...it's worth a shot considering i won't be posting here for quite alot of time. (Again.)

Tumblr, I post alot of Dessy art there.
Steam, I play games n stuff.
PN2 Forums, I felt like I should've place this here.

I guess that's all.

Edit: Removed picture Link.

Back From the Dead?

2015-10-04 16:08:07 by Descension


As far as i go,this is my first Journal entry since a long time i've created this Account.

Back in 2012,i first came as a kid that had no idea what to do (Nor spoke english quite well.)

Had a thing for Madness then,Have a thing for Madness Now.

Except that now i can actually do a thing Who would had guessed?


Special thanks to Kelzad for Pushing me to try and learn animating Murdnuss stuff i guess. ♥